If you can love with all your heart and soul, if you become love itself, then you can heal.

All rivers run to the sea. We’ll end up in the same place, I’m sure of it.

It’s hard, the way of love. It may not be right for you. But if you choose to follow it, you must do so with all your heart. You’ll fail more than once, but don’t give up hope. In the end, we’ll redeem the world.

You must not be hesitant to fight in the just cause. It is better to die following your own way than to live following someone else’s.


No offense intended. This quote is taken from an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

On Eli’s way of non-violence: “His way is the ultimate way. Few can follow it. Those that do truly walk with the spirit.”

Xena: “How do you know what is the right code or lifestyle -“

Hanuman: “Way.”

Xena: “Yes. How do you know what is the right way for you?…What happens when a person gets stuck between two ways?”

Hanuman: “That is not good. For each person there can only be one way.”

Gabrielle: “What is the truth?”

Eli: “So you really wanna know?”

Gabrielle: “Yeah.”

Eli: “It’s life. We must revere it wherever we find it. To bring peace to this world, I have to teach mankind a reverence for life.”

Gabrielle: “So, if someone were to walk up to you and knock you down…”

Eli: “Then I’d get up.”

Gabrielle: “But if they knocked you down again?”

Eli: “Then I’d get up again, if I could. But under no circumstances would I fight back. If I did, I would simply be perpetuating the cycle of violence that has ravaged the earth for centuries. That cycle has to be broken, Gabrielle, and the truth is that it can only be done through non-violence.

…and so you must cast all hate and violence from your heart.

Don’t be shy, your mother wasn’t.

Some things don’t bear too much thinking about. Some things you just gotta take on faith.